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The Glorious Hellequin and Her Crew

Swash your buckles, ladies and gentlemen

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A Pirate AU RPG
The Setting

The year is 1651, in the heyday of Caribbean piracy, and a young man cast out of the Navy has found himself in a possession of a rather nice boat and something of a chip on his shoulder. The sea’s a wild place, still, populated by unscrupulous and vicious characters (both of the natural type and the more mystically inclined) and out there, anyone looking to make their way in the world might find it, their doom, or something else altogether.

Like a ship. Her name is The Hellequin, and you’re more than welcome aboard. They seem to take almost anyone.


As it stands, all applications must be for positions on the Hellequin. This game is about the pirates, after all, and the ship they’re on, and we are but simple mods who can’t run your character managing a small butchers shop ashore while also handling the sea adventures. The exception to this is the small pre-threading done as part of the application process – you provide the setting for that.

The Supernatural

This game has high levels of dark and creepy ocean mysticism, in which the awed reverence given to the sea is based on more than the power of her storms and shoals of…things…still haunt the world below the waves. Magic is very real, and most of it wants to do horrible things to you.

App Process

Character Name:
Character Journal:
Character Fandom (unless original):
Character Information: About five hundred words or so minimum, though you're welcome to exceed that, about your character's personality, history, and various talents- superpowered or otherwise.

There is also the aforementioned pre-threading--you give us a bit of backstory on your character, which can be anything from ‘My character sets out to become a pirate because his dad was a pirate and his granddad was a pirate and so and so forth’ to ‘My upper-crust Frenchwoman is traveling to Barbados to marry a man she’s never met’. In the first case, we’d run through your character getting word of The Hellequin, and in the second we’d go through a day at sea with light conversation with your character’s chaperone- or possibly something more exciting in either case. This is done so that you can get a feel for the game and see if it suits you, and if it doesn’t it can be removed without damaging any IC continuity. We'll be happy to help you come up with a setting, too, if you need some ideas!

Apps can be sent to:

Anna (jehansmuse@gmail.com)
Liz (ianothersunday@yahoo.ca)

IN ADDITION, please read this intro post, which has further details about everything mentioned above, lest ye be keelhauled.

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MOD NOTICE: As of 8/8/07, this game has been relocated to InsaneJournal. 100 free icons, guys. :D!
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